The Budget – hard on freelancers / consultants

Today, I received my copy of the IPSE magazine (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed) and I was shocked to read how the latest budget will affect freelancers, negatively. According to IPSE, the budget brings: 1. Changes to the way travel and subsistence expenses are treated by the tax system 2. Major changes to … More The Budget – hard on freelancers / consultants


I recently read an article in The Daily Mail newspaper, about how intelligent GCSE students were going above and beyond what is required during their exams yet the paper markers were not specialist within the subject area and sticking purely to the marking criteria, therefore missing valuable insight the pupils had provided. Surely this constitutes … More Teaching

Doing what you love

Several years ago, I was deeply unhappy in my role, so  I set up a business (Dawkins Health Consultancy), learnt new skills, including how to run a business and set out on my own not knowing what the future would hold but knowing that something needed to change.  I became a successful entrepreneur and won … More Doing what you love


Sitting and reading the feedback given for a few of my recent sessions as a Nurse trainer/instructor, it is lovely to know that my style of teaching goes down well.  I am truly humbled by the comments given. There are many different ways of learning.  I try to address them and make learning as enjoyable … More Humour