Crickhowell Walk

Going for a walk anywhere is refreshing but in the countryside, it nourishes your soul.  The autumn colours are in their full glory and the surrounding countryside is just beautiful.

Our recent walk circled around the small village of Llanbedr, at the foot of Table Mountain. Starting at the centre of the village, we immediately came across an old, picturesque doorway in a wall.


The road was paved and dry in this tiny, sleepy village.  We climbed higher and higher, up the side of the hills, on the thin, paved roads and had a great view of Skirrid Mountain in the distance.   The brilliant blue sky was dotted with a variety of white fluffy (stratocumulus ?) and thin wispy (cirrus) clouds.


With the sun on our backs, we warmed up quickly during our long, steep ascent.  The air was cold and the sun was warm but weak.  Off came the hats and scarves, to let some of our heat out!

The sound of birdsong filled the still, clean air.  It was a fabulous day to be outside.

As we were on a short descent, the foliage became dense, covered the road and it got muddy underfoot.  The recent downpour of rain had filled the rivers and streams and new ones had emerged, over the road.


The waterfall was just set back off the road.  It could be heard but not seen, until we walked up to it.  The ground was sodden and the water seeped up over our boots but this little beauty was great to see.

As we continued our descent, the road bifurcated and we took the tiny, mossy, wet, dirt covered road that led steeply down to a converted church.  It is now an outward bounds centre.  What a setting!!!

img_0140 Surrounded by woods and a small but fast flowing river, it it only just visible from the top road.  This amazing building is used by a school to get the children outside.


The small but fast flowing river roared through the silence within the valley.  The sunlight glinted on the rapids and danced on the trees.  We stood, watched and listed for a good 10 minutes.  It was so refreshing.  Surrounded by pine trees, this little gem of a place is hidden away from the rest of the world.

Onward and upward we climbed, through the tree lined road with the sun shining through to show us the way.  Beautiful colours on the trees, on side of the road.  The leaves, green, yellow, gold, red, rust and brown.


These tiny roads were totally car-free.  A refreshing change.

At the top of this little road, we got a great view of Table Mountain against a cloudless sky.


Continuing up this little road, I looked up at the sky above.  What a brilliant blue against the remaining leaves on the bush.


The air was clean and the sky was clear.

We continued to climb, the trees shading our path.  Moss covered the wall to our right, from the lack of sunshine. It was cooler here, hats and scarves back on.


We eventually got to flatter ground before we started another descent.  The hillside opened out and the oak trees were standing proud and glorious, wearing their autumn colours of red, yellow and gold.  So majestic.


Our path was still descending.  The air was warmer and we walked towards the sunshine.


A brave lamb with a brilliant white, unblemished coat stood and watched as we walked by, not moving a muscle.

We could see a snow covered mountain in the distance.  So far away, so high. The snow followed the layers of rock and ran round it in stripes.


We were still high up but descending slowly, slowly.

On the way down we passed a new farm being built.  Oak uprights, slate roof, large buildings and outbuildings were all on this land.


The gate to this new build was made from natural, rustic wood.

As we continued to the end of our walk, we passed a style over a gate leading to a tree covered dirt track.  Who knows where it leads, it certainly looked mystical.


Finally we arrived back at our car in the centre of LLanbedr.  Exhilarated from walking and sights we saw, birdsong and rivers that we heard.

There is nothing like a great walk out to lift your spirits.

This walk  was around 9.9 Km and took us about 3 hours to walk, as we stopped several times to admire the views around us.  It was simply breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed it too.

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